Sunday, December 22, 2013

Glass and Moon campaign events: 2 for the price of 2!

I support David Moon for Maryland House of Delegates, District 20, and Evan Glass for Montgomery County Council, District 5, in the June 2014 Democratic primaries. I hope you'll also support each, and attend their up-coming, early-January fundraisers: January 5 for Evan and January 7 for David.

(Evan's and David's campaigns aren't connected and they haven't endorsed each other. I'm hitting you up with just a single message only because their events are within 2 days of each other.)

Evan Glass's fundraiser will take place in Takoma Park, 5pm - 7pm on Sunday, January 5. Please visit to purchase tickets.

I have characterized Evan as the next-generation leader that we in Montgomery County need, to build consensus around an agenda that advances education, environmentalism, affordable housing, transportation, jobs, and growth. I probably first got to know him as chair of the county's Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Board. I've also had working exchanges with him in his capacity as a board member of Conservation Montgomery and of the Montgomery Housing Partnership. Evan is the best candidate to replace Valerie Ervin, to represent District 5 on the larger stage, in Rockville.

There will be a "Dinner Party with Friends of David Moon" on Tuesday, January 7, 6pm - 8pm at Addis Ababa Restaurant in Silver Spring. Visit to respond and contribute.

David knows his way around Maryland campaigns and politics and the issues, of course with the progressive take that we expect from all the local Democratic primary candidates. He's a strong strategist and a great communicator. The issue I've talked to David about most is justice policy and drug-law reform; there is no question in my mind that David can *both* relate to constituents' (and the whole of our state's) varied needs and craft team approaches to meeting them.

Please join me at David Moon's and at Evan Glass's fundraisers, and in my support for their campaigns.

Thanks very much,


P.S. Feel free to forward this message, which, by the way, wasn't endorsed or paid for by anyone other than me.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

2014 Primary Endorsements: Glass, Moon, Leggett & Mizeur

While the 2014 Maryland primaries are six months off -- June 24, 2014 -- candidates have been running hard for months.

We have a three-person race for the Democratic nomination for governor -- I endorsed Heather Mizeur, the most progressive candidate in the race, months back -- and I've now met with 7 of the 9 challenger-candidates for the three District 20 seats in the House of Delegates. I'll make an early endorsement in that latter race -- from my viewpoint as a local activist and small-potatoes elected official -- and an endorsement in the now-contested Montgomery County Council District 5 race.

But first, there's no contest, so far as I'm concerned, in the race for Montgomery County Executive: I'm with incumbent Ike Leggett all the way. I do wish his opponent Phil Andrews, currently District 3 council rep, well. The less said about the return ambitions of former County Executive Doug Duncan, the better.

Montgomery County Council District 5

Silver Spring civic activist Evan Glass declared for the District 5 county-council seat earlier this fall. I held back from any endorsement in that race because incumbent Valerie Ervin had yet to declare. Valerie announced on December 10 that she'll be stepping down in January -- the council will appoint a successor to fill out her term, through December 2014 -- clearing the way for me to endorse Evan, who is astute, experienced, progressive, and full of promise. My statement:
Evan Glass is the next-generation leader that we in Montgomery County need, to build consensus around an agenda that advances education, environmentalism, affordable housing, transportation, jobs, and growth. I'm delighted to endorse Evan for Montgomery County Council, District 5.
I had attended Terrill North's campaign kick-off, for an at-large seat on the county council, back in September, and I donated to his campaign. Terrill has a strong resume and is developing as a candidate. With Valerie's announcement, Terrill chose to jump into the District 5 race, but I have to stand by my endorsement of Evan. Evan Glass is the right person for the job.

Maryland House of Delegates District 20 

"Right person for the job" also describes both District 20 delegate incumbents, Sheila Hixson, whom I have grown to appreciate and admire immensely in recent years, and Tom Hucker, who has been a force for progress in the state house. With his growing seniority, Tom should be able to accomplish even more in a next term, on issues such as a increase in the minimum wage (and other steps to address economic disparities and social needs) and a much-needed reform of our state's drug laws. (I favor a legalize, regulate, and tax approach to marijuana.) Plus Takoma Park and other Maryland cities rely on him as an advocate when it comes to state revenues and other municipal needs. I hope Tom sticks with the state legislature and does not jump into the county-council race, though he'd quite likely win, given the greater contribution he can make at the state level.

I'm going to endorse one challenger-candidate to join Sheila and Tom -- who should both easily win reelection since the large number of challengers will split the vote for the third seat -- although I expect I'll endorse a second before too long. (There's no rule that says I have to stick with one.) 

I endorse David Moon.

David Moon knows his way around campaigns and state politics and the issues, of course with the progressive take that we expect from all the Democratic primary candidates. He's a strong strategist and a great communicator, and a plus: He lives in Takoma Park. 

And the others? (Alphabetically:) Justin Chappell, D'Juan Hopewell, Will Jawando, Jonathan Shurberg, Will Smith, and Darian Unger are all qualified and would likely do a stand-out job as D20 delegate.  

Among the challenger-candidates other than David Moon, I do like best D'Juan Hopewell and Will Smith.

D'Juan Hopewell's life story is inspiring. His accomplishments (including working the tough sale of the Dream Act and Marriage equality to not-typically-progressive church communities) are impressive. He is dedicated and personable. His potential as a public servant is limitless. Yet I do have reservations. D'Juan's local presence is not strong, certainly weaker than those of highly qualified rivals who grew up in, or have long been active in, the Silver Spring area such as, well, all the other candidates I named above, including Will Smith.

Will Smith's resume catalogs the many ways he has delivered on, and not just spoken about, a commitment to District 20 and Montgomery County. His record of public service, as an Obama Administration appointee and Naval Reserve officer, extends beyond our immediate area, and as 2010 campaign coordinator for the then-incumbent D20 legislators (who were reelected), he clearly knows his way around electoral politics.

I look forward to continuing to hear from, and to interact with, all the D20 delegate candidates. As the race develops, I'll consider another challenger endorsement. For now, I hope this helps you in your own consideration of the 2014 Democratic primary contests!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Washington Adventist Hospital relocation request: December 9 presentation, hearing & council discussion

The December 9, 2014 city-council meeting will be devoted to a single topic --

Washington Adventist Hospital's petition to relocate to White Oak

-- with a 7 pm presentation by WAH President Joyce Newmyer, followed by a 7:30 pm public hearing and then a worksession discussion with Ms Newmyer.

(Worksessions are open to the public but do not involve public participation. If you have points you'd like me to raise, please let me know. You can watch the council meeting, and other city TV programming, online via a link on the city Web site.)

The hospital, earlier this fall, submitted a revised Certificate of Need application to the Maryland Healthcare Commission, to justify moving the major part of its operations to White Oak. The commission would likely rule on the application in the spring of 2014. The relocation wouldn't happen for something like five years after that, and the hospital would leave certain medical services behind in Takoma Park.

The December 9 meeting agenda is online. You'll find two links on that Web page:

- Washington Adventist Hospital Relocation Information

- Takoma Park Newsletter - December 2013 Issue

The December issue of the city newletter, which you should have received by mail earlier this week, includes a background article, "Public hearing explores hospital move," by Deputy City Manager Suzanne Ludlow; a summary of WAH's plan by Diana Troese, WAH Public Relations and Marketing Manager; and material compiled by city staff answering "What would the move mean for Takoma Park?"

Finally, my next Ward 1 drop-in office time will be Tuesday, December 10, 5 pm-6 pm at my office, 7006 Carroll Avenue #202, above the Middle Eastern Cuisine restaurant. I won't have office time the 4th Wednesday of the month, December 25, but you can come by the next 2nd Tuesday, January 14, 5 pm-6 pm, or just phone (301-873-8225) or write ( if you have anything city-related you'd like to discuss.